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A heritage which started at Elk mountain Wyoming fishing for brookies from the time I was old enough to hold a rod at my grandparents ranch started my addiction. I have also been lucky enough to live at Sylvendale ranch, Pinewood lake, the lake across from Dairy Delight in Loveland and now here on the Western slope in Delta at the foot of Grand Mesa National forest. Memories of walking down the hill to fish the ponds at sylvendale ranch with my fly rod at 12 was pretty awsome! Now 32, I moved from Fort Collins in December '06. The fishing here is awsome. My time is usually spent enjoying the fisheries here, ( I havn't even touched the surface yet) and spending time with my wife and 6 year old daughter (the future fisher!)

I am a multi fish species "tweeker" as self proclaimed. I present myself with new and exciting challenges to find and catch a certain species of fish and go for it. Spending a mint (which I'll never let the wife know about!) on lures and flies, I dream of obese Brooke trout and replicas of others caught hanging on my walls. I look foreward to helping out and it's members as I have gained much from this site!

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