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I moved to Fort Collins just over 4 years ago from Laramie Wyoming. Being a Wyoming native I grew up fishing all kinds of trout and mainly trout as that’s about all there is to offer in the lakes I grew up on. Once I moved down to Colorado I have found a love for many species. I typically target LM/SM Bass and walleye when down in the foothills but often find myself up in the mountains or on rivers getting my trout fix. Ill fish for anything and everything as long as my lines are tight! Hard water is the best time of the year to fish in my book. While I love open water fishing nothing gets me more excited than seeing my favorite lakes capping going into November and December. I spend most of my time fishing in Northern Colorado and south eastern Wyoming. I’m always open to meeting new anglers to get out on the lake with. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to just get out and fish! Keep those lines tight!
“Everyone should believe in something I believe I’ll go fishing.” – Henry David Thoreau

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