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My name is Ryan Dougherty. I am a Midwest transplant and moved to the Denver metro area in early 2013. Through the younger years of my life I lived in multiple states in the Midwest including: Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Each state offered me a diverse variety of fishing opportunities. My passion for the outdoors was instilled at me at a young age. However, as I grew older I developed an affinity for fishing. Which I can directly attribute to my time in South Dakota where I chased warm water species 3-4 times a week. I was able to develop and experiment with uncountable fishing techniques for a wide variety of species. I was happy to discover that many of my favorite techies translated to successful fishing in Colorado as well.

When I moved to CO I brought all my gear not knowing what kind of fishing opportunities would pop up here. Little did I know there would be so many species and different bodies of water. I quickly became intrigued by trout, specifically lake trout, and have traveled across the state chasing the monsters that lurk in the depths of many mountain lakes. I have developed into a lake trout fanatic and the species has become my favorite fish to target all year round.

Although I generally target the species stated above, I consider myself a well rounded angler that can successfully chase any species.

Further, I love to share my experiences with others and help novice fisherman get exposure to this amazing hobby.

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