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Born in St. Petersburg Fl. , Bass Commando moved to central Florida 3 years later. Bass Commando's earliest memory is breaking a cane pole on a big bass at the age of 3. That moment ignited a passion that has driven him to become and avid fisherman for over 45 years.
Growing up in central Florida was a blessing. You could not throw a rock (he did a few times and it cost him) without hitting a body of water holding fish. When the neighborhood kids were hangin’ out on the street corners BC was hangin’ out on the point toning his skills and “hosting” his awesome fishing show that had one viewer….himself. He used to stalk the bass, gar and shiners from the banks and as a result became a pretty good sight fisherman.
Taking notes and building fishing logs attributes to a lot of his success. “I always write down every trip. I can tell you what, where, how as far back as 1983.” “It is important piece of gear, probably THE most important." BC also brings camera’s with him on all his trips. “No one used to ever believe me as a kid, how much fish I use to catch. I saved up and bought a Polaroid when I was 14. It lasted two trips before it fell in the lake!”
BC started fishing local tournaments when he was 16 and won his first 4 he entered. “Boy….. I made some guys really mad. But hey… that helped me buy my first car!” That is when he earned the nickname Bass Commando. “I came in first place on a Wednesday night tournament and this guy asked me what I was using and I told him grenades and heat seeking missiles. He then asked if I was some kind of “Bass Commando”. It just kinda stuck with me since I guess.”
BC loves to chase bass at night. “Nothing I have ever done compares to catching a monster Bass about 3am on a hand made top water lure.” As a matter of fact that made up about 80%of his time on the water. “People used to ask me all the time when I was putting my boat on the trailer at 8am if I was having engine problems. I would say heck no… I just put in 10hrs of quality fishing! Most did not get it!”
Then the move came…. Colorado…yes for a girl. A lovely girl. His Wife Cyndi. She is from Colorado and when BC came out to visit her hometown he was “hooked”. Then he started thinking…. What is the fishing like in Colorado? He did some research and realized the fishing can be good but whoa…where are the lily pads? Ice? 50...60...80 …100+ foot depths? Time to humble oneself he said and learn all over.
Alas… FishExplorer… This is the best thing to happen to a new out state bass guy that anyone could hope for. “When I found FishExplorer I was like… This is it, This is what I need. Talk about a total jumpstart. It has and continues to be a blessing for me and my fishing.”
Bass Commando lives in Highlands Ranch Colorado and has three kids and a lovely wife. He fishes Chatfield, Bear Creek Lake, Quincy, Stalker, Boyd, Lonetree, Twin Lakes, Aurora and some local ponds. Mainly a bass fisherman he also likes fishing for walleye, trout, saugeye, tiger muskee and heck…anything that swims!
Bass Commando is also starting up his own tackle line called “BC baits” . Custom hand made lures.

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