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Not sure what to say here- I'm an amateur fisherman who can keep up with most fishermen on the ice, where I usually get my line in. I occasionally go out and have a good day on warm water from the shore, but am dedicated primarily to other sports until winter.
I took the skipper position on Willow Creek after it was suggested to me by other FxR+ folks. In time, I took over Williams Fork, which is probably my favorite place to fish for action on Lakers in Winter. Skippering these lakes seems like a good way to give back to the site and community which has provided me with lots of conditions info, fishing tips, some nice folks I've met, and for the reading and photographic entertainment I get from the site.

I hope that you are enjoying the site, and that if you go to these lakes, that you'd be willing to give back and offer a quality update for the site as well.


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