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Hey Everyone!
My name is Cipriano "Marty" Martinez (aka - HeavyC) . I was born in Washington DC, but grew up in Greeley, CO. after my family moved here when I was 1 year old.
I really had not done much fishing until I was nine or ten, having only fished a handful of times prior to that age on a couple family outings and the like. We simply were not a big outdoorsy type of family. After moving to a new neighborhood I met a very good friend of mine (Dane Jensen - Yes, I owe it all to you! ...thanks buddy!) who really 'turned me on' to fishing! After many, many adventures riding around town fishing every bit of open water we could and landing some absolutely monster carp, millions of catfish, crappie, trout, bluegill, etc...I was 'hooked' for life! (Yes, pun intended)
Though it was the trips to the mountains with his family that really provided me with my fishing passion, the Brown Trout! To this day, small stream & river fishing are still my favorite places to fish. Though I am not shy about learning as much about other methods as I possibly can. In recent years I focused on learning to be a better bass fisherman and have absolutely loved it! I do swing the ol' flailing stick around once in a while as well, but I'm really not very good at laying those flies down just right. Hence, fly fishing is my next, time-honored technique I wish to better my skills at! ...guess we'll have to see how that goes in 2010!
For many, many years I neglected all other hobbies of mine while playing competitive softball. However, after finding success at this sport by winning three World Championships, I felt the time had come to re-focus my desires into the other hobbies I enjoy so very much! Today, I am simply & basically a passionate outdoorsman and almost certainly enjoy hunting all types of game even more than I do fishing for the different species of fish. (I also owe my love of hunting to Dane as well...thanks again buddy!) Although, in snow, or rain, or heat, or gloom of night, or winds of change ...I will go for most anything if it involves being outside under the Colorado sky!
Though the single most important thing I have learned, and after so many years, I am very relieved to discover I no longer resemble the men in the famous mis-quote by Henry David Thoreau - those "Many men go fishing all their lives without ever knowing it is not the fish they are after!"

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