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As a Colorado native I have been able to enjoy the many lakes, ponds, and streams that this great state has to offer. During the summer months I can be found on my boat from Ft. Collins to South Park. In the winter I enjoy pulling the trout through the ice. In the fall I enjoy crabbing the Puget Sound in Washington. My favorite lakes to fish are Barr Lake (when there is water and fish), Williams Fork Reservoir, Monarch Lake, and Jumbo reservoir. Over the past few years I have really gotten into walleye fishing. Im always looking to trade tricks and ideas to get into a good bite! In the winter months I spend my time on Granby and Williams Fork. For a quick trip Barbour Ponds offers some fun stocker fishing. I've been fishing Barbour Ponds since I was big enough to hold up a rod. I am happy to answer any questions or help anyone out if I can. Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions you have that I may be able to answer. I've spent a great deal of time fishing in the North Eastern plains of the state while spending time with family. Support Lake trout mafia please release lake trout over 20 inches! Have a good day and remember a day on the water is a good day!

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