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My name is matthew. i was raised up and around the denver metro area for my first 18 years. i have my grandpas, uncles and father to thank and blame for showing me the ropes when it came to fishing, nothing much but the proper knots and rigs for salmon eggs and worms of casting and waiting. i was taught on the numerous front range lakes and rivers about how to catch a trout. it was always an occasion when i got to go and spend the day riverside, lakeside, on the ice or on the boat watching and learning. and i am so grateful for those times.

The last year of high school and a few years of college i found a few other occupations to take up my time. but after finishing a degree in Ancient European History at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Co, i found that spending a few hours drowning a worm was just as much fun as those other things that i had found to waste time.

The Animas, Pine and Florida Rivers, Lime Creek, Lemon and Vallecito Reservoirs became a getaway from the "city" life of Durango as i re-accustomed myself with the wily trout and the art of fishing.

After one of those distractions resulted in a son being born and a wife and stepson being gained in the process, my family and i moved back to the Denver area. This is where the fishing took a turn for the weird. i had spent most of my life chasing cold water trout and now i found out the joys and most importantly the challenge of catching warm water species. with Quincy, Aurora and Cherry Creek reservoirs right next door i quickly became attuned to the other aspects of fishing.

I've learned that i like to hook and release fish. that's it. whether its with my sons and/or wife, my grandpas or my dad, largemouth, smallmouth, perch, trout or carp, fishing has become a way of life, sort to speak.

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