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I'm married, have three boys, dog and a cat. I live in Wellington, but lived in the Fort Collins area since 1997, and Colorado since 1984. We go to church at Front Range Baptist, where we love being involved in nursery, sound, and helping others. When life is a little less hectic, I like to do anything outdoors, fishing, hunting, geocaching, walk/hiking, playing in the snow, building/fixing up the house.

I'm a fish squeezer, ichthyologist if you please. For 19 years, I worked at Colorado State University at the Larval Fish Laboratory (LFL) with Federal and State endangered and threatened species from the Upper Colorado River Basin. Here I managed the collection with over 150,000 containers of fish, over 4.2 million fish. We worked on descriptions of fish in various watersheds. I also verified fish that were collected and sent to the LFL.

I fish for the "hard to get" species...some of which I succeed at missing myself! I love to fish for creek chub, suckers, carp, bass - all types, wiper, trout, panfish, perch, walleye, crappie...whatever will bite. I'm a simple fisherman, fish with what the fish like and stick with it. However, I always look for gear that will extend my experience and teach me something...even if it is patience with the "rat's nest." Sometimes I like to try "off the wall" techniques to catch fish, with my favorite being a simple bass rig that the trout of Parvin Lake cannot resist.

I have acquired two boats to learn new methods and practice new techniques. I'm looking forward to using them for years to come and having many guests. My latest adaptation has been adding oars to my Coleman Crawdad. It took a bit of creativity, but it no longer needs a motor nor registration to be on the small ponds I love to fish.

I have a goal to catch every species of fish in Colorado that can get a hook in it's mouth, game species or not. I'm always looking for people to take fishing, whether they have been before or not, getting them "hooked" and watch them continue in the fishing tradition.
If you'd like to go fishing in Fort Collins or Wellington...let me know, I'd love to go fishing!!

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