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My name is Patrick Davidson, I am originally from NE and moved out to CO in 2000 and attended CSU. I moved to the Longmont area in 2008 and have been here (minus a couple years up by Carter Lake) since.

I have been fishing since I was a kid and still have a childlike enthusiasm for fishing. I enjoy all types of fishing from fly fishing, ice fishing, to trolling around in my boat. I like to travel to fish different spots but can be found out at Union or up at Carter frequently.

When I'm not fishing I like to snowboard/splitboard, hunt, hang out with my wife/daughter, backpack, rock climb and go for runs. I've recently been trying to learn more about trolling and different ways to troll deep.

I have been known to spend days on end fishing without catching fish, fishing in subzero windy conditions without an ice hut from before sunrise to sundown without catching fish, and walk miles of river without a bite, and spend countless dollars to catch fish just to immediately release them back into the water. Most people don't understand why I'd find this enjoyable, but if you do understand then you're probably a true fisherman/woman

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