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I grew up most my life in Michigan. I did not spend much time on the water or fishing as a kid but always wondered if it would be fun. As I got older, around age 9, me and a buddy scraped a couple bucks together and got some fishing poles at a garage sale. When the opportunity arose, throwing a hook in a nearby creek bed to get some bull head or creek chubs as we called them, was something to look forward to. A camping trip with my best friends family one year, really got me hooked though.

A trip to Houghton lake and an endless supply of bluegills changed my fishing drive forever. Unfortunately due to life circumstances, opportunities to fish frequently were few and far between. I always wanted to but traveled a ton for work and it was not always availabe to me. In late 2005, as a 25 year old, a move to North Dakota changed my view of fishing. Thanks to a work buddy, I was introduced to Walleye fishing.

Since that time, thousands of fish have been caught, enless days on the lakes, studying from shore and now, with a boat, access to open water. Me and a couple buddies will take a yearly trip to Devils Lake North Dakota to get endless jumbo perch and walleye, for an escape and vacation. Locally, I spends about 50 or so days a year on local waters from Pikeview and Prospect lakes in Colorado Springs, Cherry Creek or Chatfield up north, and the majority of time on Pueblo reservoir looking for walleyes and anything that will bite.

I am a non-discriminatory fisherman. If a fish ends up on the end of the line, it is a good day, from Carp to Northern to Bass to Walleye, I will usually be happy to catch anything that is hungry. That being said, I go out for one reason, and one reason only, to catch walleye!

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