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My introduction to fishing was camping with my family as a child. Growing up fishing to me meant sitting as patiently as a young boy can be watching the pole waiting for a trout to take the worm that was on the bottom. As a teenager I become more interested in lure fishing for warm water species. Then, as I moved from my teens to my twenties, I moved from fishing to photography. Skip ahead 20 years, and I met the woman who became my wife. When we started dating her kids wanted to try fishing, so I picked it back up. And it came full circle with worms on the bottom.

In the four years since then, the girls have lost interest in fishing to pursue teenage activities, but my wife and stepson still have the bug. I have many favorite moments with them, but probably at the top is when my stepson caught his first pike, and then followed that up a few casts later with a 30" fish on a Dynamic swim bait.

My screen name is the name of a band I played in.

Update: Now eight years since that first fishing trip with the kids, the girls are adults, and my stepson is a senior in high school. How time flies!

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