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My name is Dave, and if I'm not fishing, I'm dreaming about fishing, and if I'm not dreaming about it I'm planning my next adventure.

I've been fishing since I was about 5 years old. I would spend summers in Iowa with my grandfather fishing every day. We would fish for whatever was biting, and mostly I fished with worms and minnows.

Those summers ended when I was a teenager, and I didn't get to fish much at all until I was 20. I never stopped reading about fishing, and when I started back up I wanted to try out everything I thought I had learned. I went out and bought some lures, re-spooled my old gear and tried to catch some fish. Nothing worked... and worse the people I would fish with were catching every time we went out. Of course many of the techniques I was using were for bass... in waters where there were either no bass or very few. When I did catch fish, they were small and didn't taste that great. I now know those "small fish" as stockers. Trout taste just fine to me, but a fresh stocker tastes a lot like the dog food they eat in the runs at the hatchery. Unfortunately I lost touch with my best fishing buddy somewhere along the way, and didn't fish enough for a while.

Fast forward to 2009 after struggling to catch anything at all on lures, I decided to dedicate myself to learning different ways of fishing Kastmasters. After finding success with Kasties, I branched out and found success with most things that I would try. Applying what I learned from lure to lure I can now say that I am somewhat proficient fishing anything that I have in my boxes, although I've only "perfected" a few techniques. I am always up for new things, and even purchased a fly rod last year so I'm learning how to fish that way now too. In 2010 I managed to catch 17 different species of fish, one of these years I'll catch more. That year I caught 15 species on Kasties, but most of the species were caught multiple times with multiple lures.

If you see me out on the water feel free to say hi! I am always up for a fishing story or three, and if you've got kids with you I'm sure my son will keep them entertained.

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