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Panguitch is a Ute word meaning "big fish", and that's what I'm after at Gross! Tigers & lakers beware! My Uncle Ronny taught me to fish back in North Carolina in the mid-1960's. Panfish, catfish, bass... we caught it all, and I loved every minute of it. Fast-forward a few decades, and I still love to fish, but Gross Reservoir is my home water now. This beautiful jewel nestled in the foothills above Boulder has incredible scenery and great fishing. Come on up and join me anytime, but please be respectful of the beautiful mountain setting, and pack out 1 or 2 extra pieces of litter than you brought, and please consider catch, photo, & release on all muskies in Gross! Enjoy! You can also join us to discuss fishing & paddling at Gross on our FB page: Gross Reservoir Fishing, Paddling, & Hiking Group

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