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Life is good when you have a great family. Life is great when you have a great family that understands your addiction and passion for fishing. I guess you could say I have it pretty good. Years back, my general focus was altered in so many ways. Today, it's simple. Support my family and all that comes with it, be a great father/husband and fish as much as I can. I love the hunt for big fish whether it be bass, pike or the elusive muskie. I love thinking outside the box, trying something new and having success with it. To me, fishing isn't what the guy next to you is doing, it's whatever you want to do to make that fish bite. Any rod, any reel with some line and a lure is all you need to fish. Some guys are ok with this. Me? Na, I want to catch. If I don't catch I chase until I have success. I refuse to change for whatever is biting. To me, it's not just about the final outcome, ( fish in hand ) it's how I got there.

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