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My name is Kris Johnson and I currently live in Durango, Colorado. I moved to Colorado about fourteen years ago from Southern California, specifically San Diego. I fished a lot of team tournaments including A.B.A., W.O.N., and a few Anglers Choice tournaments. After about 5 years of team tourney's, I decided to try my hand at the next level. I fished two full seasons on the W.O.N. Bass Pro series, along with a few B.A.S.S. West Coast Series, mostly on lakes such as Mead, Havasu, and Mojave. I had TONS of fun, but had a hard time making any money fishing against guys like Aaron Martens and John Murray. But still learned a lot, and had the experince of a life time. I now fish almost exclusively Northern Pike, and love it! I took my West Coast Swimbait fishing knowledge to the next level on the pike. I started this process on Vallecito Lake near Durango, and now have expanded this "stand up style "of fishing to Navajo Lake in New Mexico. It has been incredible to see how well the swimbaits have worked. Everyday I learn little tweaks to improve my catch ratios, and hope to break the state record for pike both in New Mexico, and Colorado. Watch out pike....Here comes the Swimbait Posse'!!!!!!

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