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My name is John Rawinski, and I grew up fishing in Massachusetts where I found largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pickerel, and trout my favorite targets. My dad was instrumental in getting me outdoors and fishing soon became a passion. Then as I became a teenager, I tried flyfishing, and in one magic cast, the trout was hooked and so was I. A Black Gnat on the West River was unforgetable.

I learned a lot from my dad, who had the patience to carefully fish one location and catch his limit while I, impatient as I was (and still am to some extent), would spend more time crashing thru brush looking for that perfect location. Dad generally brought home the dinner. But it was all great times.....thanks dad.

After college at UMass and then Wisconsin, I moved west and have been here ever since working in Colorado and Wyoming during my career as a soil scientist. I am now a retired USDA soil scientist and worked for the FS for 30+ years. I enjoy getting my kids out fishing, and when they are in school, I get a little done myself. I like fly fishing as well as worm dunking with my kids. Am a member of TU, RMEF, CBA and Colorado Field Ornithologists (CFO). Also enjoy bowhunting, photography, and most forms of hunting. I am lake skipper for Sanchez, Road Canyon, Home Lake and Mountain Home Reservoir but will also report other lakes around the San Luis Valley as I can get to them. There seem to be few skippers in the San Luis Valley so I will do my best to cover this vast area. I always appreciate other fisherpersons updates on the conditions. I have a personal goal to fish all of the high elevation lakes in the Sangres and San Juan Mountains surrounding the San Luis Valley and am 75% complete!

I am a person of faith and find wisdom in God's word. God bless the USA.

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