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Shulong Xiong Was born in Boulder, Colorado in 1984 and has been a fishing since the age of 6. While growing up Shulong fish many of lakes in Boulder by riding his Bike. At the age of 8 Shulong's Family moved to the City of Westminster and most of the local pond had some distance but still continued to travel each Saturday morning and sunday morning at 5 am to the local Ponds even though Shulong knew that his Parents would be very upset on how far a kid would travel for a passion and hobby. At the age of 29 Shulong Finally landed his Master angler Award Catch and Release at Boyd lake with an amazing 30" Walleye that same day Shulong caught Three Personal best and at the end Shulong ended the night with his personal best ever. Shulong has also taken his time to Volunteer for the aurora veterans home by taking them fishing when a event happen at Monument lake and Rocky mountain arsenal.

At the Age of 34 Shulong still reside in the City of Westminster and travels to work in Boulder everyday and continues to fish all his child hood lakes daily. Never forgetting his roots where Shulong Continues to learn more technics and passing his fishing gear to his nephews and nieces.

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