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I was born and raised in this beautiful state. I've been fishing since I was old enough to hold a fishing pole (33 yrs). I started ice fishing 3 yrs ago and have fell in love with it. I have been married to my beautiful wife for 18 yrs and have 2 beautiful daughters, one is attending CSU Ft. Collins and the other is a manager at Camp Bow Wow.

One of my favorite memories of fishing is my dad, grandpa, and myself went out on my grandpa's boat at night on Sterling Res when I about 11 to go catfishing. We set up the poles oit the back of the boat and we all fell asleep. At around 5:30 am the buzzer went off and FISH ON. I jumped up and was standing right in front of my grandpa and he just handed me the pole. I don't remember how long the fight was but I landed a 14lb 3oz blue cat according to the scale and the guy at the Marina.

I remember hearing stories of being in my car seat on my grandpa's boat sleeping while my family was fishing.

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