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South Boulder Creek - Gross Reservoir to US 36

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This map is not intended to be used to determine property ownership nor public fishing access. Consult official maps and appropriate resources for detailed access information.
Member Photos:
by ualgremlin - 05/21/16 by Duke trout 32 - by jessezimmer11 - Pulled a 8`` Rainbow out of this little pool.  Water was running 270 cfs so I had to hike a ways to get a semi-calm pool to cast into.  Spooked him as I walked up, and casted a few dozen times with him teasing a black fly, a stone, then finally chomping on a small Royal Wulff.  Only the one catch but a beautiful day on the creek. by ualgremlin - South Boulder Creek through El Dorado Canyon State Park.  06/02/2014 by ualgremlin - South Boulder Creek through El Dorado Canyon State Park.  06/02/2014
This stretch of creek is a Class V kayak course, meaning dangerous or deadly rapids exist. Wading above waterfalls, constrictions, or kayak portages is exceptionally dangerous. A few wide sections offer crossings when flows are below 150 cfs. Hiking the tailwater below Gross Reservoir gets one ...

Getting There:

Gross Reservoir tailwater:

From Boulder drive West on Baseline Road, which becomes Flagstaff Mountain Road. Turn Left onto a dirt road at the Gross Reservoir North Shore parking area (Gross Dam Road). Public parking is in a small lot on the North side of South Boulder Creek.
For a longer hike in, parking is available at the Walker Ranch Trailhead, off of Flagstaff Mountain Road.

Eldorado Canyon State Park:

From Boulder drive South on Hwy 93 toward Eldorado Springs and turn West onto Rd 170 (Eldorado Springs Drive). State Park entry fee or park pass is required.
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