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Arkansas River Below Pueblo Reservoir

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This map is not intended to be used to determine property ownership nor public fishing access. Consult official maps and appropriate resources for detailed access information.
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This Pueblo Reservoir tailwater is approximately 8.5 miles long from the base of the dam, through Pueblo to the confluence of Fountain Creek at the Runyon State Wildlife area. It divided into two sections by City Park, just of Pueblo Boulevard. Both sections have seen much improved fishing as the ...

Getting There:

As this section of river runs through the City of Pueblo, there numerous points to access the river. The following four routes will give access to much of the river.

From Colorado Springs take I-25 south. Take exit 101 west on Highway 50 west. Turn south on Pueblo Boulevard.

Access one, turn west on Nature Road (11th Avenue) and follow to Nature Center Parking. Note there is a $3 parking fee.

Access two, turn east on 11th Avenue, follow until road ends, turn right and veer left going under railroad, do not go into water treatment plant, and ignore road ends sign. Parking at river.

Access three, continue south on Pueblo Boulevard past 11th to Thatcher Avenue. Turn west and follow to Reservoir Road, Turn right and follow until it dead ends on Juniper Road (face of dam) and turn right. Follow to river. There are road just before and after the river that turn right and lead to parking area. Note, these parking areas are in Pueblo State Park. Park permit is required.
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