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Colorado River - Below Shadow Mountain

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This map is not intended to be used to determine property ownership nor public fishing access. Consult official maps and appropriate resources for detailed access information.
From Steve Schweitzer''s A Fly Fishing Guide To Rocky Mountain National Park, This section of the Colorado River has the look of the big classic freestone water like the flow several hundred miles downstream, particularly during run-off or when excess water is being released ...

Getting There:

From 34, take CO 66 past Green Ridge Campground, over Shadow Mountain Dam to the East Shore Trailhead. An easy short day hike takes you along the east shore of Shadow Mountain Reservoir and the out-flowing Colorado River. Despite the ominous look of the trail profile, the trail traverses only 227 feet in altitude from the lowest point of the trail to the highest. Midway through the hike, the official trail takes the high road and veers off into the woods presenting a perfect opportunity to spot moose. Following the shoreline takes you on East Shore Trail. Both trails reconnect below the foot bridge crossing along the Colorado River outlet of Shadow Mountain Reservoir
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