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Williams Fork River

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Common Insects
Blue Winged Olive, Caddis, Golden Stonefly, Grasshopper, Midge, Pale Morning Dun, Red Quill, Scud, Terrestrial, Trico
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Member Photos:
by cbrayfisher - by Splash80228 - by Jbird37 - 3-27-11<br />Post holing for 3/4 of a mile but it was fun. by Jbird37 - 3-27-11 <br /> by Jbird37 - Archie gettin busy! by Jbird37 - Only fish all weekend but how sweet it was.
The Williams Fork River is a major tributary to the Colorado River. The two rivers join together in Parshall. The Williams Fork Reservoir is the source of this smaller tailwater. While not a glorified river, the Williams Fork is a Colorado gem. This mile and a half stretch of water rarely has crowds, due to the 30 minute hike to the river. ...

Getting There:

Access to the Williams Fork is through either the Breeze or Kemp State Wildlife Areas. To get to the Kemp Unit: From highway 40 near Parshall, head south on Road 3 over the bridge and find the main parking area shortly thereafter on your right. To get to the Breeze Unit: Go approx. 1/2 mile west of Parshall on Highway 40, near mile marker 196. Turn left 1/4 mile west of marker for parking or go west 3/4 mile for more parking.
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