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Lake John Conditions Report 8/22/11
Bill Willcox Lake John Resort
Just a quick update in the Lake John saga. Water has been turned back on and levels are rising slowly. DoW biologists are current checking rotenone levels by lowering cages of live trout into John at various points. After approximately 48 hours, these fish pens are examined, and if the results are positive, at least for the fish, (i.e.
the fish are still alive), this is verification that the rotenone has dissipated and is no longer toxic. If all goes well with this test and a few other tests to be performed over the next few days, arrangements and schedules can then be set up for hatcheries to ready their shipments for delivery. It's possible there will be trout back in Lake John by the
end of the week. I'm told the very first delivery will include the smallest fish, but progressively larger ones will follow. Tune in to our website ( for upcoming results.

Bill Willcox
Lake John Resort