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Lake John Report, Final for Year

Lake John Resort Bill Willcox
It is Sunday, Auugst 7th as I write this, and for all practical purposes the fishing on Lake John has come to a temporary
conclusion. The weekend crowds dwindled today, know the lake would be closing tomorrow, with the reclamation to proceed Tuesday. The resurrection of this gem which we call Lake John is scheduled for the first week of September with an aggressive stocking program. This undertaking will also facilitate an accellerated growth rate and a stronger, more healthy quarry. And, ironically, I may now even find a little time to fish...

Bill Willcox
Lake John Resort

P.S. For those of you who might be coming up this way in spite of the LJ reclamation, maybe to fish other North Park waters, we wanted to let you know that for the next several weeks, our services will only be available intermittently. We have several projects underway that we plan to use this time to complete, and are also hoping to get in a little R&R ! Everything here should be back to normal by August 29th, when we'll resume our regular hours and all services will be available.

Editor's note:

We'd like to extend a Big Thank You to Bill and Trish for their reports this past year and skippering of Lake John.

Dave Coulson
Colorado State Editor
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