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First Call for Volunteers Needed for Stream Surveys in Rocky Mountain National Park

Email from Rocky Mountain Flycasters Chapter with permission of Phil Wright. Minor edits by David Coulson, FxR Colorado State Editor
Opportunities for volunteers to assist in field surveys within Rocky Mountain National Park conducted by U S Fish & Wildlife Service biologist Chris Kennedy. During three of the weeks from August 8 through September 2 the scene of the surveys is the upper reaches of the Poudre and its headwaters tributaries generally accessed via Highway 14 and Long Draw Road. Also, the nature of the tasks is measuring and recording stream characteristics in this pristine and remote headwaters area.

This survey area is defined by a proposed greenback trout restoration program. The surveys are necessary to collect data essential to conducting more detailed planning regarding implementation of the greenback restoration program. The geographic scope includes more than 40 miles of streams in the upper Poudre basin. This is the largest greenback restoration project defined to date. This work in 2011 consists of detailed GPS mapping of stream courses, stream flow measurements and travel time measurements of water flows.

Typical volunteer activities will include: hiking on established trails, game trails and bushwhacking to stream side discovering and recording stream side features including braids, beaver channels, ponded areas capable of harboring trout assisting with stream flow measurements and time of travel measurements. Volunteers should be prepared to hike in and out the indicated distances and elevation changes if working for the day, or plan to camp in the backcountry. Some camping gear is available if needed by volunteers. Volunteers should carry their supplies (water, food, sunscreen, bug repellent, etc.) and be equipped for the duration of their planned stay. Good water for filtering is available since the work is at stream side. If you have questions about the type of work or backcountry conditions please contact Phil Wright ( for details. The most timely and accurate answers to these questions will be available after the volunteer work in the area has commenced. Please note that the work schedule is subject to change depending on field conditions and the pace of the effort.

Volunteers who support Chris will be participating in a historic greenback trout restoration project. The preliminary schedule of surveys to be conducted in August is posted on the Rocky Mountain Flycasters website ( for your consideration as to which days and locations may be of most interest to you. The schedule posted on the RMF website will be updated to reflect changes as the season progresses.

The primary contact for people interested in volunteering is Phil Wright (, a member of Rocky Mountain Flycasters chapter of Trout Unlimited. If you think you may want to volunteer for any of the activities on the schedule, ask Phil to put your name on his tentative volunteer list. Then, during the week prior to the days in which you have expressed interest, Phil Wright will send you update emails describing details of the trip and asking for commitments from those volunteers who want to participate.

As with all trips into the backcountry of RMNP, weather and other unforeseen events may cause adjustments to the preliminary schedule as the summer goes on.
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