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Lake John Fishing Report 7/31/2011

Bill Willcox Lake John Resort
Sometimes I wish I had a dairy farm so I could give a few of these fishermen some cheese with their "whine". It's obvious that lifting the limits on trout has brought people to Lake John that have never been before. Which is great 'cause it makes use of the fish before the August 9th reclamation. However, I believe their expectations may have gotten the better of them, especially when you see people arriving with empty washtubs tied to the top of their Kia's.

People who caught five trout wanted ten, those who caught thirty wanted forty, and so on. Some thought the fishing would be so easy they filled their coolers with ice even before casting a line. The fact is that even though there are still plenty of fish - and many big fish - left in Lake John, the catching is not necessarily easy, and the pursuit is as
much of a challenge as always. Experienced Lake John anglers are having little problem hooking trout, although newcomers who do not ask advice won't need any washtubs.

The Lake is down as far as the DoW is going to take it, and the north boat ramp is still in use. Use the side closest to the dock, which has a smoother transition. Powerbait fishermen using a slip rig from an anchored boat are doing quite well. Also, super-slow trolling with streamers and full-sink fly line is also a great way to go, whether from a boat or a tube.

Next weekend will be the last time to say hello and/or goodbye to the existing Lake John trout, as things will shut down on Monday morning, August 8th, to prepare for the reclamation which starts on Tuesday.

Bill Willcox
Lake John Resort
Operation Game Thief
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