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Lake John Fishing Report 7/24/2011

Bill Willcox Lake John Resort
Last week the DoW reached their goal of lowering Lake John
five vertical feet before the August 9th reclamation. Water drainage
from the Lake is currently turned off.

Although most every fisherman I talked to was taking home at
least a few trout, the largest creel counts went to those who put forth
the most effort. Having some kind of boat was definitely helpful,
especially using Power Bait while anchored. One group did fantastic
while trolling pop-gear in front of a crawler harness. Shore fishermen
held their own, however, there wasn't really one area of the Lake that
was better than any other. One key for the bank anglers was to move
around if one area wasn't producing. But the biggest fish this week was
caught by Chad Elder from a float-tube on fly and bubble. It weighed in
at 8 pounds even, and was 25 inches in length. But Chad's fish came at
a fairly hefty price - knocking his father's $300 fly rod from the tube
during the 9 pm battle.

Only about two weeks left to reclamation time, anglers, so
we need to "save" some fishes and make some dinners !
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