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Rains resulting in additional increases

Sterling Rech US Bureau of Reclamation
Some locations within the Blue River basin experienced up to an inch of precipitation yesterday. In addition, the Dillon Reservoir release may be increased later today and rain continues to be in the forecast. As a result, the inflow to
Green Mountain Reservoir remains elevated. In order to slow the rate at which the reservoir is filling, the Green Mountain Reservoir release will be increased by 400 cfs today. This release rate increase will be accomplished in two steps of approximately 200 cfs each. Because the powerplant is currently running at maximum capacity, these release rate increases will be accomplished by raising the spillway gates. With the current release rate being approximately 2,800 cfs, these release rate increases will result in a flow rate of approximately 3,200 cfs at the Blue
River gage below the dam by this afternoon.

Green Mountain Reservoir
Thursday, July 7, 2011
1000 hours Increase the reservoir release from 2,800 cfs to 3,000 cfs (accomplished by raising all three spillway gates).

Thursday, July 7, 2011
1500 hours Increase the reservoir release from 3,000 cfs to 3,200 cfs (accomplished by raising all three spillway gates).

Maintain the 3,200 cfs reservoir release until further notice.

***Note that the Blue River raw gage height value (0.00 shift) is 9.80 feet for a 3,200 cfs flow.
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