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Lake John Fishing Report, June 27, 2011

Bill Willcox Lake John Resort
For the bank fishermen that are familiar with Lake John, catching is steady. Anyone new to this impoundment needs to discard the "two hooks with a big sinker on the bottom" mentality and look around him. Shore-catchers are using a slip-rig with a bubble full of water to pull down their floating baits to the bottom. Just check in at the store if you need some help. If you want to use offerings that don't float, such as crawlers and eggs, but still want to fish from the bottom up, just use a piece of mallow with your egg, or inject the crawler with a worm-blower. Keep all other aspects of your rig the same. If you ave a boat and want to bait fish, just anchor off in the deeper water, and use the same set-up, just leave the line fairly slack to allow for boat swing. Camping out beats day fishing, 'cause you can fish at
night. Again, use the same rig, or just dangle a wad 'o crawlers from a lighted bobber. I've heard good things when the hungry hog night-cruisers come calling. But, don't forget the trolling. In my opinion, it's just gonna get better. Right near the bottom in the deeper water pulling about anything with lead-core is still producing the best quantities. And before August, I predict that it will produce the best quality.

P.S. I had another great conversation and interview with Terry Wickstram, sports radio and fishing television host, on his radio show last Saturday morning. We talked in detail about Lake John and all angling in North Park waters. This hopefully will be an excellent boost for all community businesses.

Bill Willcox
Lake John Resort
Operation Game Thief
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