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North Park Conditions Report 12/11/16

Lake John Resort
Ice fishing is underway in North Park. Area sagebrush lakes are totally capped with 5-6 inches of ice, and I have heard of decent action on each of these waters, at least for some anglers. As of late, the last week or so, it has been the weather causing the biggest concern. Near 2 feet of snow in the last seven days with wind speeds topping 50 mph. We were minus 25 degrees one night, and a day later, near 40. However, these conditions have been a double-edged sword. Itís way too early to have that amount of snow accumulate on lake surfaces, but with the wind, itís still under control.

The roads around area fishing holes are going to get hazardous, if they are not to that point already. Donít try short cuts without taking precautions. I have not been on the road lately between Lake John and Cowdrey, but I would say itís probably closed for winter. Be safe ó not foolish. Main thoroughfares to and from SWAís are cleared regularly, though it can take time. Weekend storms will cause problems with road conditions that usually will not get attention until Monday.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have personally seen some good fish or good fish pictures that have come out of each of the Delaneys and Lake John. I also heard of reasonable action from Cowdrey Lake from a couple young local anglers, who also saw some 20-inchers down through their ice hole. Two guys in our cabin had a 50-fish day on John, sorting out a few of the nicest 18 to 20-inchers to keep. A nice 22-incher was caught by another cabin guest, which he landed, photographed and released from South Delaney.

Itís time to walk on water, but itís also time to use caution and common sense.
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