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Public Meetings for Review of Alternatives for Horsetooth, Carter Lake, Pinewood and Flatiron Reservoirs and The Ranch Events Complex

Larimer County
LOVELAND, Colo. – Through online questionnaires, public meetings and emails, the public has provided important input on relevant issues, opportunities and needs at Larimer County's four reservoir parks (Horsetooth, Pinewood and Flatiron reservoirs and Carter Lake) and The Ranch Events Complex in Loveland. Along with a regional analysis of use trends and site constraints and opportunities, this information was used to identify potential alternatives for future use and development at these facilities.

The public is now invited to provide input on the range of alternatives, as well as specific elements in terms of facility enhancements and other management recommendations.

Public open houses will be held from 5-7 p.m. at the following locations:
•Wednesday, November 16, 2016, Chilson Center, Large Meeting Room, 700 E. 4th St., Loveland
•Thursday, November 17, 2016, Larimer County Courthouse, Hearing Room, 200 W. Oak St., Fort Collins

The development of alternatives is the second phase of a planning process to update the Parks Master Plan for the four reservoirs and develop The Ranch Events Complex Master Plan. Comments are being sought on the adequacy of the preliminary alternatives based on comments received from the visioning/scoping input, and any future issues that need addressed. The public will be asked to provide input on improvement concepts for various recreational sites at the reservoirs and review market findings, building expansion concepts and campus improvements for The Ranch Events Complex Master Plan. The public can review materials and provide comments on the reservoir parks and The Ranch Events Complex at both events.

Written comments will be accepted at the public meetings, or online until December 3, 2016, at

More about the plans:

Larimer County is conducting a parallel public process for the development of a county-wide Reservoir Parks Master Plan and The Ranch Events Complex Master Plan. The agencies are coordinating a joint public scoping process to share feedback on the federal RMP and EA, the Reservoir Parks Master Plan, and The Ranch Events Complex Master Plan. The Reservoir Parks Master Plan will identify priority project areas and detailed strategies to accomplish the specified goals. The Ranch Events Complex is creating a fully-integrated Master Plan that outlines facility alternatives, expansion and financial options to support these expansions as needed. For more information about this simultaneous effort and to sign up for project updates, visit

More about the RMP/EA and Master Plan (To be included in the Press Release sent by the BOR)

Reclamation owns and operates nearly 7,000 acres of land and water across four reservoirs: Horsetooth Reservoir, Carter Lake, Flatiron Reservoir, and Pinewood Reservoir. Under the terms of an agreement with Reclamation, Larimer County Department of Natural Resources manages recreational activities and maintains the recreation facilities at these four reservoirs. These four reservoirs are part of the Colorado-Big Thompson water project water stored in these reservoirs is distributed by Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District for municipal, agricultural, and other uses.

The purpose of the RMP/EA is to balance natural resource protection with recreational opportunities, provide a diversity of recreational experiences, ensure financial stability, and account for future growth and demand. The integrated RMP/EA would replace the 2007 documents and establish a 10-year plan detailing the management framework for the conservation, protection, and enhancement of the four regional reservoirs and surrounding lands.

The Reservoir Parks Master Plan is an update of the 2007 Master Plan and will be used to guide the Larimer County Department of Natural Resources in meeting the recreation demands of park visitors at the four Larimer County managed reservoir parks and other potential use areas located elsewhere in the county. Roughly 90% of the 2007 Master Plan has been implemented and an update is now needed to respond to current conditions, visitor use, and demands. The Master Plan will provide a focused vision, identify priority project areas, and specific strategies to accomplish the specified goals.

To learn more about the federal RMP and NEPA process, please visit Reclamation's website at The information provided at the Public Scoping Meetings will also be available at this site.

Media inquiries or general questions about Reclamation and the RMP/EA should be directed to Buck Feist at (406) 247-7607 or or Sterling Rech at (406) 246-7669 or
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