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Lake John Fishing Update

Lake John Resort
We have seen and posted pictures of some real beauties, although many of these huge fish are being pursued with a vengeance. Moving often, switching lures and offerings, seeking different depths, and all while striving to keep lines clear of moss and weeds, especially at this time of the season, is a test of patience. But honestly, these are the anglers catching most of the fish ó and the biggest fish. Sure, every so often someone lucks onto a good one, but the best catches are coming to those who prepare and are aggressive ó the fish are there.
It seems the reason for the decline in numbers of fish being landed, is the ease the trout have of acquiring the food source available to them. The numbers of minnows in Lake John has exploded, and the fish, so to speak, have it too easy. They donít appear to want anything else when this abundant cuisine is so readily obtainable. This is quite obvious when about every fish you do catch is so full of minnows, they regurgitate a handful while youíre trying to land them. Of course you canít use minnows here in North Park, so that leaves the anglers testing imitations and look-a-likes, which are having mediocre success at best. The good news ó big, strong, healthy, fat fish, growing very quickly!
More good news is that our biologist is going to attempt to initiate a decline in the minnow count by increasing their natural predators. In other words, stock more trout ó a lot more. I donít know the exact amount, but by the number of hatchery trucks Iíve seen in the last couple weeks, itís a bunch. I know many of you feel that every time a truck dumps young trout in a lake the bite goes south. Well, fish eat fish, thatís what they do. But isnít that what they are doing by the mouthful with these minnows right now? The plan is straight forward. Add trout, reduce the minnow population, grow big fish in the process, and get fish back to biting on the anglersí presentations. This idea may not have a noticeable effect yet this fall, but as fast as the fish grow in Lake John, we should see better numbers by ice fishing season, continuing to increase into next spring and summer.
As mentioned earlier, catching is not fast and easy, but good fish are being landed. Check out this one caught by Charlie C, measured at 24 inches, 5 lb. 6 oz. There is no real pattern to what, where, when or how, so come prepared. We have just gotten over the hump of the warmest water and thickest weeds. Weíve turned the corner now, and dropping water temperatures should begin to spark trout into a better bite.
Member comments
by: hunter creek on 8/29/2016 10:53:00 AM
Good to hear that they are adding more fish. That lake can support a lot and it has obviously been tough fishing up there the past couple of years. Before that, it was fantastic!
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