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Lake Pueblo State Park Rock Canyon Swimbeach closed until further notice

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
After a consultation between Colorado State University-Pueblo biologists and Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists, the red staining was determinied to be a form of protozoa (a single-celled organism with animal-like behaviors, such as motility and predation), though it is unclear what type of protozoa this is and whether or not it is harmful to humans.

CPW biologists will conduct tests on the protozoa to determine what effects, if any, it could have on humans, and the swimbeach wil remain closed until those tests are completed.

Park staff tests the swimbeach area water weekly during the summer season for levels of E-coli as required by the Colorado Department of Health and Environment, and in the process found the staining.

"We do not normally test for protozoa. Closing the swimbeach was just a precautionary measure made by park staff, in the interest of public safety, until we find out exactly what this is," stated Park Operations Manager Brian Kerrigan.

More information on the results of the tests will be released as it is made available.

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