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Ice Fishing/Conditions Report Local Lakes/North Park 9, February, 2016

Bill Wilcox, Lake John Resort
Ice Fishing/Conditions Report
Local Lakes/North Park
9, February, 2016

I know itís been a while, so let me rally an update, even if itís brief. Heavy snows with wind continue to be the cycles to watch for here in the North Park mountains. Back in early January when we had the Lake John Ice Fishing Contest, all roads around the lake were plowed out nicely. That is not the case at present. Getting to the Lake is not a problem, but you are on your own when trying to skirt the shoreline. A few people have called me saying they are stuck trying to get down to the south end of John on the road along the west side. I have one truck currently in the shop and am not going to risk any more damage. Sorry! Such is also the case over at the Delaneyís where we had the contest last Saturday. All roads around the three Dís were in excellent shape, but were beginning to drift shut before the contest was even over. A few people were (and are) driving trucks out on area lakes, however chains are highly recommended, especially with the many hidden areas of slush. Many ATVís were out also, although with the foot of snow on lake surfaces, many of them had chains as well. My opinion is that the best forward-thinking mode of transportation is a snow machine if you have access to one and want to stay mobile or venture very far from walkable shorelines. Ice thickness on area lakes is running 20-22 inches.
Anglers are landing a few fish from Lake John , but the catching remains slow. Fish being taken are so fat that they actually look abnormal, packed full of the local minnows that inhabit Johnís waters, making the trout very picky. (Remember, minnows are against the law to use in North Parkís lakes as bait). During the Delaney contest, fish were turned in from all three lakes with the North Lake prevailing with the top money fish. Catching has been quite consistent on all lakes, however be familiar with the "no bait" rules and slot limit on these waters. All information is in the fishing brochure and on signs around the lakes. If you intend to keep a fish or two, (two is the limit), have a tape measure handy so you donít have to hunt one down while your possibly illegal fish dies.

Bill Willcox
Lake John Resort
Operation Game Thief
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