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Ice Fishing/Conditions Report Lake John/Delaney Lakes/Cowdrey Lake 1/3/16

Bill Wilcox, Lake John Resort
Ice Fishing/Conditions Report
Lake John/Delaney Lakes/Cowdrey Lake

Reports Iíve been receiving pertaining to ice thickness on area lakes is 12-15 inches. I know of one full-size truck that drove out on both Lake John and Cowdrey Lake today ó the first Iíve heard. However last Thursday, a friend who had his ATV on Lake John said he hit a slushy area and it felt like he was going through. Of course he didnít, and there was actually quite a bit of ice under him, but it shows there are still zones to be watchful of, even with the bitter arctic temperatures of late. My guess is, that if there are areas to be wary of on Lake John, ditto all other impoundments. With no fresh snow over the last several days, all roads to and from area lakes are presently in excellent shape, although secondary roads around the perimeter of waters are unplowed, rutted and literally captivating.
The Lake John/Cowdrey Lake Ice Fishing Contest is coming up next weekend on Saturday, the 9th and Sunday, the 10th, and you can expect county road crews to open up infrastructures and parking areas on these lakes later this week. Although the initial forecast for this coming week is a chance of snow later on, itís premature for any particulars yet. The Delaney Lake area will still require caution and common sense when it comes to driving the secondary travel routes. I have set in a full line of bait and tackle, and weíll be taking registrations for the contest.
Fish are biting super light and catching continues tough on Lake John, with gin-clear water and trout full of local minnows. Remember, no live minnows as bait in North Park! Cowdrey Lake has been putting out some good numbers of fish, though I havenít heard of anything particularly impressive in size. South and East Delaney are also giving up some worthy quantities of mid-sized ĎBows, while the North Lake persists in an early morning bite. Keep in mind, all three Delaney Lakes are fly and lure only with special slot/size limits and regulations. Please be mindful and read all rules! Make a note that the Delaney Butte Lakes Ice Fishing Contest is coming up on Saturday, February 6, 2016.
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