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North Park Ice Fishing Conditions Report 12/13/15
Bill Willcox, Lake John Resort
Ice Fishing Report
Lake John
13, December, 2015

The outside environment has definitely transformed from brown to white. It has also turned much colder this past couple days. The foot or so of snow that we received Friday and Saturday has settled some, though the lack of wind since the storm has kept the blanket thickness consistent. Ice depth has also been gradually increasing and is now something like 8 inches, maybe a little more with these recent below-zero nights. Enough so that this weekend saw the first of the ATVs make tracks on Lake Johnís surface. And I would venture to guess that other North Park sage brush lakes have similar conditions.
This present cold front didnít help Johnís bite, which has been a little sporadic to begin with. Reports from our cabin guests attested numerous fish being landed, although small. Accounts from our local Parks and Wildlife Officer described more of the same, however stated a few nicer fish had been taken. Some fishermen watching through ice holes are seeing big fish, though getting them to take an offering proves problematic. I spoke to some anglers that fished until the wee hours of the morning, stating this also was a challenging effort. It seems that any fish being caught from Lake John, big or small, day or night, are packed full already, proving finicky to begin with. Minnows and snails being the current main course. I did not get any reports from the other lakes this weekend.

Stay tuned,
Member comments
by: ColoradoRay on 12/14/2015 2:36:00 PM
As always, Thanks for the report.
by: lylecox on 12/18/2015 4:51:00 PM
recommended places to stay for a couple of nights on Jan 1 and 2nd? Me and my son and son in law are considering coming up and trying our luck. We have never fished up there before.
by: lylecox on 12/18/2015 4:53:00 PM
Sorry Bill....didnt' see you have the lake john bad. Can you give me prices, etc?