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North Park Ice Fishing & Conditions Report 12/6/15
Bill Wilcox, Lake John Resort
Ice Fishing/Conditions Report
Lake John/Cowdrey/Delaney Butte Lakes
6, December, 2015

At the risk of winging a whammy into the weather, itís sure been good lately to start the ice fishing season. The nights have been plenty cold enough to keep making ice, while the days have remained decent with not much more than a stiff breeze from time to time. The ice on area lakes is fairly consistent, and reported to be around 6 inches, give or take. I have seen no vehicles of any kind yet, although it wonít be too long before ATVís or snow machines begin making their tracks. No one has made me aware of any weak areas, however we should all exhibit caution and common sense.
The bite has been somewhat erratic depending on the day and the lake you choose. I hear of good early morning action here, and a couple limits caught at noon there. This weekend on Lake John, I heard of more smaller fish being caught than last weekend. Not all were little though, such as the nice one caught by young local angler Kimberly D. that stretched the tape to 17.5 inches and pushed the scale to nearly 2.5 lb. (see attached)
Saturday afternoon I finally got out for my first try of the new ice fishing season. Wyatt S. and I met up with some friends over at East Delaney for a couple hours, and had a good time catching and releasing a good number of smallish ó though feisty ó trout. One angler in our group had a beauty right to the top of the hole which was estimated might go over the 22 inch slot, but the hook came out and we were never able to put a tape on it. East has a reputation of being a small-fish lake, though there are some true lunkers lurking. The ice on East was 7 inches thick where we fished near the boat ramp.
My friends had fished both North and South Delaney earlier that day. While the bite was slow, North produced a few fish for the group that morning, though none over slot. And granted by now it was mid-day, and the South lake was slower yet, offering up only two small fish.

Stay tuned,
Member comments
by: team FMFO on 12/7/2015 8:23:00 PM
Great info as always Bill , see ya at the tourney !