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Electric Ice Auger Wars: Which Auger is Fastest?
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Iíve been looking to purchase a new auger myself this year. The new electric or rechargeable augers have piqued my interest. Right now, I rely on a seemingly ancient gas-powered auger that weighs more than I like and always seems to be a hassle to refill with its gas and oil mixture.

ďAuger WarsĒ looks at the speed of three different ice augers, in what is a surprisingly competitive race format.
The first contest pitted an Ion auger against StrikeMasterĎs Lithium Lazer auger.

The StrikeMaster drilled through 5 holes in just over 46 seconds, while the Ion finished its five holes in about 67 seconds.

The second heat of the contest looked at how the winning Strikemaster electric compares to the popular Jiffy Pro 4 propane powered auger.

In this heat the StrikeMaster again came out on top, drilling through five holes in just over 44 seconds. The Jiffy propane finished its five holes in a little over 53 seconds.

The StrikeMaster Lithium Lazer Auger was clearly the fastest auger of the three tested here. But when evaluating an ice auger there are other features that should also be considered. These include how long or through how many holes an auger will hold its charge or need a refill, weight, blade design, warranty, price and more.

Drilling speed tends to be a more important consideration when drilling multiple holes through thick ice, but whether it is more important than, say, sustainable power through multiple drillings or personal budget concerns, is up to the individual.

Hand augers are still a very popular and effective tool for punching through ice, depending on ice thickness and an anglerís frequency of moving to new holes.

It should also be noted that the StrikeMaster Lazer recently underwent a product recall due to an issue with the augerís trigger switch.