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North Park Ice Fishing Report 11/25/15
Bill Wilcox, Lake John Resort
Ice Fishing/Conditions Update
Lake John/Delaney Buttes
25, November, 2015

One more update before T-Day. I didnít get around myself but received a couple of reports today,
not to mention that I can see a pair of groupings down on the ice from the Resort here at Lake John. The report I received from John was about 3 inches of ice and the fishing ďwasnít too bad early in the dayĒ. A friend saw fishermen on each of the Delaneyís, so that tells me that the ice is still there, and at least strong enough to hold up skinny people. Actually, my guess is that Lake John and the Dís are very similar in thickness and strength. The last several nights have only been in the mid-20ís with daytime highs near 50. The ice didnít seem threatened, but it didnít get as thick as it would have with colder temperatures. The weather is supposed to decay over the next several days which may make things better ó or worse. Snapped a pic today ó check out how clear the ice is !

Stay tuned,