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Grass Carp Found in a Kansas Drainage Ditch is Shockingly Huge
Kansas City animal control officer Jamie Schmidt was calmly going about her business last week when she received a call about the report of four-foot, 60-pound tanker lying in a drainage ditch in nearby Olathe.
Schmidt figured the caller was most probably embellishing a bit on the size saying, “Well, most men tell ‘fish stories’ and I thought it wasn’t going to be even close to that.”

Shocked by the actual size of the beast, she went on to measure it at around three-and-a-half feet and weighing in at a whopping 60 pounds!

The fish was lying in shallow water after flooding had receded.

Schmidt had to put a plastic bag around the dead whale-carp so she could drag it to her vehicle, where it was loaded by power lift into a kennel, and taken to the incinerator.

The all-state record for grass carp in Kansas on rod and reel is 77.7 pounds, making this one close to the record, but no cigar.