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Float Tube Tackle Management Systems

The CastMate Systems V2.0 tackle management system offers everything owners of single-angler fishing inflatables love about the original CastMate…and more. Composed of corrosion-resistant marine-grade aluminum, the durable yet lightweight CastMate Systems V2.0 frame holds up to 12 attachments (four more than the original CastMate). It's easy to attach to one or both sides of a float tube or pontoon boat using the ultra-strong polypropylene straps and Velcro ties that come standard with each unit. The system puts a wide variety of essential fishing tools and accessories – ranging from rod and reel combos and landing nets to tackle boxes, fishfinders and cameras – at the angler's fingertips. And, thanks to the improved design of the CastMate Systems V2.0, accessory mounts can be attached, repositioned or detached quickly and easily without disassembling the frame. The CastMate Systems V2.0 greatly enhances the on-the-water experience for float tube and pontoon boat anglers, ensuring that important fishing items are secure and accessible without interfering with casting or fighting a fish. Each 33" x 12" frame comes with one Lo-Mount and one Hi-Mount rod holder that allow for height and angular adjustments to suit individual angler needs and preferences.

Team Fish has also introduced several new accessories designed for use with the new CastMate Systems V2.0. The new 24-inch Selfie Stick attaches to the V2.0 frame and securely holds a camera, such as a GoPro or Sony Action Cam, to the standard tripod-type threaded adapter. This makes it simple for float tube or pontoon boat anglers to shoot above-water still shots or video. With a flip of the wrist, you can rotate the Selfie Stick 180 degrees for underwater filming. When not in use, the Selfie Stick's design allows it to be removed for easy and convenient storage.

Also joining the Team Fish family is the CastMate Systems V2.0 Cup Holder, which doubles as a sturdy, reliable holder for a rod, fishing knife, hooked lure, or even a cigar. When not being used to hold a container filled with up to 40 ounces of your favorite beverage, the adaptor at the base of the cup holder can serve as a secure mount for a Humminbird Fishin' Buddy sounder. The fishfinder slips easily into place, and removing the unit is also a breeze. A built in tether hole allows for extra security.

The new FishMate, a unique underwater video carriage system that can be used with any waterproof camera, is yet another unique accessory available for the CastMate Systems line of products. The FishMate is a stand-alone, effective and affordable alternative to more expensive underwater video systems currently on the market. Just attach your camera to the FishMate's secure tripod style mount, select a viewing angle, lower it to any desired depth using your own tackle, and you're ready to take some amazing underwater fishing footage as a hungry predator moves in to attack your bait or lure. The FishMate's included line release attachment, which operates much like a downrigger, makes it possible to capture the excitement of the strike.

Manufactured in the USA, Team Fish products offer anglers optimum functionality and unsurpassed durability at an affordable price. The CastMate Systems V2.0 has an MSRP of $89.95. The new CastMate Systems accessory attachments are priced as follows: Selfie Stick ($29.95 MSRP), Cup Holder ($19.95 MSRP), FishMate ($59.99 MSRP).
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