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River Restoration Video Released
City of Fort Collins News
Restoration that creates a more diverse, resilient and healthy Cache la Poudre river corridor is a lasting conservation legacy for the Fort Collins community, the river and the river's wildlife. Innovative river restoration projects are underway right now. You are part of this inspirational work! A new 3-minute video produced by Roothouse Studio of Boulder, Colorado, reveals the case for river restoration through real photos, time-lapse photography, and video animation. See the video on the Cityís YouTube channel,

Since 2011, the City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department, with it's partners, has been a leader in restoring and revitalizing the Cache la Poudre River through downtown Fort Collins and beyond. Now, after years of planning and federal permitting, three major river restoration projects have been completed by Natural Areas. The video explains historic land use and ecological changes, details several projects and highlights the benefits for people and nature as part of an effort to share the story of how natural areas are restored and managed.

Natural Areasí restoration efforts are led by the Resource Management division of the Natural Areas Department. The staff cares for vegetation, soils, wetlands, wildlife and scenic values. This work group develops resource management plans, manages plants and wildlife and monitors and inventories natural resources in support of ecological restoration.

The three restoration projects that have been completed since 2011 are at North Shields Ponds, McMurry, and Homestead natural areas, learn more about the projects at each natural areasí website,

Everyone is invited to free educational field trips or presentations by a Natural Areas staff on Tuesday, July 28, Thursday, October 1 and Wednesday, October 7. You will discover how the Natural Areas Department is bringing new life to the Poudre River and its floodplain. Restoration news is also posted on facebook, and twitter, The Natural Areas Departmentís free monthly electronic newsletter features restoration information, subscribe at