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LAKE GEORGE, Colo. – Higher than usual river and stream levels in many locations in Colorado have caused flooding across the state. Despite this, Eleven Mile State Park remains open and while anglers are advised to stay out of high flowing river sections, reservoir fishing remains unaffected.

The South Platte River in South Park is running very high in places, and reservoirs are full, so excess water must continue to be pushed downstream by reservoir operators.

At this time, fishing is discouraged along river sections at the Spinney Mountain State Wildlife Area above Spinney Mountain Reservoir and the entire river section between Spinney Mountain and Eleven Mile Reservoirs until water levels recede. River fishermen might want to plan on fishing the area’s reservoirs until water levels return to normal.

“In most years, we might see flows on the river up to 250 cubic feet per second (cfs) this time of year. Today, flows are running at 1,000 cfs,” said Kevin Tobey, Park Manager at both Eleven Mile and Spinney Mountain State Parks. “It’s hard to predict if they will go higher, but we will monitor conditions.”

Tobey does not expect any campgrounds or other facilities at Eleven Mile State Park to be affected by changing water levels since sites are well above the maximum reservoir capacity.

“We did close the river access parking lot below the dam at Spinney Mountain State Park as a precaution as water levels rose in that low lying area” Tobey said.

Please contact the park office at (719) 748-3401 if you have any questions about facility availability or current conditions at Eleven Mile or Spinney Mountain State Parks, or visit or

Portions of Eleven Mile Canyon, the box canyon below the Eleven Mile dam managed by the U.S. Forest Service, may have closures in place as water releases fluctuate. Please contact the U.S. Forest Service in Fairplay at (719) 836-2031 if you have questions regarding site availability in Eleven Mile Canyon.