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North Park Fishing Report 12/12/2010
Lake John Fishing Report
A period of variable weather patterns hasn't discouraged fish or fishermen as Lake John stayed spotted with hard water anglers all week. High winds, added to some snow and cold, along with a touch of sun, best describes the recipe mix Mother Nature whipped up for us last week, and the landing of fish has been just about keeping up with the sporadic weather. Notice I said landing, because the word over the weekend from customers around Lake John, was that a lot of fish were hooked and retrieved, but only as far as the bottom of the ice hole, where for one reason or another, the fish either broke off or became unhooked. I was given many causes for this strange phenomenon, and from some they were scientific and almost believable. However, one thing stayed constant. All the fish that played the Houdini escape act, were
HUGE! Go figure.

Although I didn't see any fish yet this week that lowered the ice level when removed from the water, most everyone I talked to was going home content with at least a few good fish. On Lake John, action has stayed fairly consistent using many of the lures and jigs common to North Park waters. Rat Finkees, Shrimpos and Ratsos tipped with half a mealworm or a whole waxworm is an excellent option. Dark colored marabou jigs and crawdad shaped and shaded tubes are another go-to choice, while preferred lures include Kastmasters and Z-Rays. Again on Lake John, key water depths are from 7 to 12 ft., however what area of the lake you fish these depths doesn't seem significant.

A few of the Carhartt Boys came up this weekend to spend time over at the Delaneys. (I gave them that knick-name the first winter we lived in North Park, thirteen years ago, while out selling burritos by snowmobile on the ice of Lake John. My very best customers were a large group of fishermen all dressed in brown carhartts. When I would come back to the Resort to replenish the burritos I sold, my wife would ask who bought them all. Since they all dressed somewhat alike, and I had a hard time telling them apart, I would just say the Carhartt Boys. It has since pretty much stuck - what's more, my good friends don't seem
to mind.) On Saturday, the South Lake was good to them, producing nearly a dozen fish with a couple up to 22 inches. A walk to the north side of the North Lake on Sunday paid off for one of the boys who pulled
6 fish from a single hole. Again, marabou jigs, tube jigs and crawdad imitations worked well on both these lakes, however don't spend time searching out the deep water because the action seemed to be best at 5
to 9 ft. Other friends of mine went over to try East Delaney on Saturday afternoon, and although they caught several, the fish were smallish and the action intermittent.

A few more words as I wind things up: Tuesdays are the day that the Resort is closed, so that is the day I try to get out fishing. Last Tuesday I was fortunate enough to be out ice fishing with good friends Schoolteacher Mike, (we know a lot of Mike's up here and need to keep them all straight, and since Mike is a retired schoolteacher, thus the name), and local angler Dick Snavely. (Sorry Dick, I misspelled the word "local" in last week's report.) Now, you'd have to understand this clique of fishermen that I spend time with. No matter the type of fishing, open or hard water, the use of bait is Taboo! I don't know exactly the reason. It may be because we spend a lot of time fly fishing, or over at the Delaneys where bait is illegal, or we're part purist, or we just want to give the fish a better opportunity. Whatever the reason, this circle of fishermen put the "S" in Sportsman. And having the good fortune to fish with experts such as Mike and Dick, and be accepted into this elite gang of gurus, I have only these humble words. Last Tuesday when we were fishing on Lake John and I was catching all the fish and you two guys couldn't catch anything, I was using the waxworms that I had hidden in my pocket! Love you guys.

Bill Willcox
Lake John Resort
Member comments
by: ObsessedFisherman on 12/13/2010 9:37:00 AM
Thanks Bill good stuff love the stories... LMAO you OG's are great