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North Park Ice Fishing & Conditions Report 12/23/14
Bill and Tish, Lake John Resort
Ice Fishing and Conditions Report

Lake John

23, December, 2014

Merry Christmas fellow fishermen and women. I havenít put pen to paper in a while (in this case itís fingers to keyboard), so I figure an update is in order. Not to worry if several days or even a week or more passes between these reports, Ďcause things are more than likely progressing as normal and there is not much to talk about. However let something happen like a big snow blizzard that closes all the roads, the ice turns back to liquid, or the trout pack up and leave for warmer climates, and Iíll be a-twinkling these digits up and down this here lettered control panel.

We did get some snow with wind over the last few days but it didnít get too awful crazy. Gusts got into the mid-30ís with 6-8 inches of snow, and temperatures were such that it stuck and layered in various places. It wasnít quite bad enough to drift the roads closed, but it did put some snow on the lake surfaces. Due to wind, those amounts will vary.

Here recently, more seasonal colder temperatures have lake ice in pretty good shape at 8 or 9 inches in most places. I havenít been out so these are reports from customers and anglers. There are still a few locations on each lake that donít look so good, but shy of checking and reporting on every one of these individual areas, you still need to use caution. Stay away from the wet spots.

Everyone so far is still walking out on hard water surfaces. 8 or 9 inches of good ice is probably plenty for an ATV or snow machine, but unknown inconsistencies in thickness could cause serious problems. I have always been someone who normally wonít make the first tracks. I also try to be certain that when I do follow someone elseís path, it doesnít end suddenly in a hole.

As for the catching on Lake John, fairly consistent seems to be the term. Of course the fish may be extra cooperative on one day more so than another, but I havenít heard of anyone getting skunked. What I do see is that most anglers are having no problem separating out a decent limit of 15-17 inch footballs. Ranking fish may be larger and a few smaller, but the average size on John is growing with each passing season. I have already seen a couple trout recently come through the ice at over 5 pounds.

The report from Cowdrey Lake is a few respectable fish with decent numbers of smaller trout. I have not had any recent reports about the catching from the Delaney Butte Lakes, although earlier accounts on first ice were some sizeable fish in ample numbers.

Happy Holidays To All!

Bill and Tish

Lake John Resort