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Lake John Resort Ice Fishing and Conditions Report
Bill Willcox, Lake John Resort
Ice Fishing and Conditions Report

Lake John


The first weekend of a new ice fishing season is officially over, and the last of the cold footers have just left Lake John, calling it quits on a blizzard-like Sunday. Initially, the first ice walkers opened the season Thursday, with 2 duos of fishermen, which included mine. However, by yesterday and today, several groups were already scattered sporadically across the 5 inches of hard water.

The fishermen I talked to all did well, as our group did on both Thursday and Friday. One of the groups that stayed here at the Resort had some nice fish bagged up to be cooked during the Bronco game, only to have them stolen by critters during the night from the back of their uncovered pick-up. They went back out Sunday morning, and before leaving had enough for the game.

I havenít gotten over to the Delaneys or Cowdrey Lake since the lock up, but I heard the Dís are doing fine, and conditions there are very similar to that on Lake John. Iíll do my best to make some rounds before this coming holiday weekend and post a report. Snow showers are supposed to be quite an issue for the next day or two, but should quit by Wednesday, making way for a decent end of the week.

The ice on area lakes is getting slightly thicker with each passing day, but it is the time of the season for ultimate awareness and safety. Please be careful and use common sense!

Bill Willcox

Lake John Resort