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Ice Fishing (Conditions) Report - Lake John/Delaney Buttes
Bill Willcox Lake John Resort

I grabbed some safety equipment today and went checking ice
thickness and strength on a few area lakes. I was able to walk out on all
three Delaneys and Lake John, which by the way are totally covered and the
only lakes I checked. I didn't venture out very far because the one piece
of safety equipment I didn't have with me was a buddy. I tested the ice at
each boat ramp by plunging my spud into the ice ahead of me as I walked out,
then chopping a hole to check thickness. Ice averaged about 2 inches thick,
depending on which body of water, and seemed to retain a consistent
thickness. The surface on all lakes was erratic - smooth, clear, cracked,
cloudy, bumpy, crusty - you name it. The lack of snow lets you see the
different planes, but makes it hard from a distance to tell what's actually
good ice and what could be treacherous. If we get new snow, these surfaces
will all look the same and you may be literally walking on thin ice. The
lakes did not freeze all at once, or at the same time. Using caution and
common sense is a total necessity.

P.S. Temperatures today reached the 40's and now the wind speeds have too.
Stay tuned to see if the ice stays put.

Bill Willcox

Lake John Resort