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Colorado Parks and Wildlife
The lake is an important amenity for the community. Seeing that the water quality will sustain fish is a great indicator that the lake is on its way back to being healthy.” Steven Meier, Director of Parks and Recreation.

In recent years Lake Minnequa has served as a reminder of the drought conditions faced by southern Colorado. The once popular attraction for swimming, jet skiing and fishing has lost some of its luster due to low water levels and declining water quality. However, efforts to restore Lake Minnequa and the surrounding area are underway which includes hopes of restoring the fishery as well.

A rainy spring, along with support from the City of Pueblo and additional water from the Pueblo Board of Water Works, helped to provide improved water levels, allowing for the first-ever stocking of rainbow trout by CPW to the lake. Continued monsoon moisture has helped to maintain water levels and encourage additional stocking plans.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife first stocked trout into the lake back in May but wanted to make sure there was enough water for them to survive before adding more fish. At the beginning of August, Colorado Parks and Wildlife stocked 12,000 small bluegills to the lake and this week 1000 eight inch catfish were added to the mix.

“Minnequa Lake is situated to be a great addition to fishing in Pueblo. If water levels can be held to acceptable levels for fish, CPW is working with the City to provide fishing recreation in this park”, said Doug Krieger, senior aquatic biologist for the Arkansas River basin.

Residents can begin fishing for the stocked fish immediately. Anyone 16 or older is required to have a Colorado Fishing License. For more information, go to
Member comments
by: king fisherman on 9/17/2014 10:02:00 PM
Wow ive alwayz wondered about that lake back in the day wen I lived in pueblo years ago. Nice to see that the city is improving the lake. Back in the day you would get a trespassing ticket if caught fishing there.