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Tenkara: Fly Fishing Can Be Simple
Jerry L Neal, Colorado Outdoors Online
What if I told you that fly fishing is actually one of the simplest activities around? If youíre an experienced fly fisherman you may be laughing and dismissing me right now. In fact, you might be thinking back to all of the frustrating moments you had when you were learning how to fly fish, or remembering all of the lessons you took simply to learn how to cast. And if youíre someone who always thought fly fishing would be fun but were intimidated because it looked too difficult, I either just grabbed your attention or you might just think Iím lying.

Perhaps I should rephrase that first sentence: Fly fishing can be one of the simplest activities around.

In 2007, I had been fly fishing for nearly 12 years. Yet, even with more than a decade of experience, I canít say that I was great at it. After attending a few clinics, I learned to cast fairly well and even got good enough to catch a few fish. But fly fishing continued to strike me as an overly complex endeavor. The equipment was complicated, it took a long time to rig the line, my vest, loaded with gear, weighed a ton and there was always a lot of line that could get tangled if I wasnít extremely focused.